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Dr. Ignatios Chatziandreou

Traumatólogo en Marbella - Dr. Ignatius Chatziandreou

As a Traumatologist in Marbella, my approach is based on thoroughly analyzing my patients’ concerns, providing cutting-edge medical solutions and offering personalized and close treatment in each consultation.

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General Traumatology
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Hip Prosthesis
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Knee Prosthesis
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Traumatology Service in Marbella

In our Traumatology service in Marbella I treat everything from sprains and fractures to sports injuries. My goal is to restore the mobility and quality of life of my patients, guaranteeing the best possible recovery, minimizing the consequences.

From conservative procedures to surgical interventions (joint recovery and/or joint replacement).

Knee prosthesis

The decision to undergo a knee replacement is significant. I use advanced techniques and high-quality materials to ensure that each patient receives a prosthesis that fits their specific needs. My experience in implanting individualized 3D printed knee prostheses allows me to offer personalized and long-lasting solutions.

Hip Prosthesis

The hip is an essential joint for our daily mobility. When pain and limitation become chronic, a hip replacement may be the solution. I specialize in hip arthroplasty, using techniques that minimize recovery time and maximize results, allowing patients to return to their activities with renewed energy.

Advanced Technology in Diagnosis and Treatment

Medicine is advancing by leaps and bounds, and in the field of traumatology, technology plays a crucial role. I use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and innovative techniques, such as 3D printing for custom prosthetics, to offer my patients precise treatments and long-lasting results.

Meet Our Specialist:

Traumatólogo de German Clinic Marbella - Dr. Ignatius Chatziandreou

Dr. Ignatios Chatziandreou

Atención Médica para Pacientes Internacionales en Marbella - German Clinic Marbella

Traumatologist for International Patients

Since my beginnings as a Traumatologist in Germany, I have had the privilege of working with patients of various nationalities, which has allowed me to understand and adapt to the specific needs of each one.
My commitment is to provide quality, personalized and close medical care, regardless of the patient’s origin. Medicine has no borders, and my goal is that each person who comes to my consultation feels fully understood and cared for.

Training and Experience as a traumatologist

My career in the world of traumatology and orthopedic surgery began in 2002 at the Klinikum Dortmund hospital, Germany. Subsequently, I had the opportunity to work at the Bethesda Essen Ruhr Hospital in 2003, but it was at the Klinikum Dortmund where I consolidated much of my professional experience for twelve years. In 2011, I had the honor of being named Head of Traumatology in the endoprosthetics department.

In 2012, I became one of the first doctors in Germany to implant individualized knee prostheses using 3D printing technology. This specialization led me to give conferences and workshops throughout Europe since 2014, sharing my knowledge about this innovative technique.

In 2016, I decided to move to Marbella, Spain, where I became coordinator of the Department of Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology at Hospital Ochoa. Currently, I serve in various hospitals on the Costa del Sol and I have the pleasure of receiving patients in my private practice at the German Clinic Marbella. In addition, I have introduced the technique of individualized 3D printed knee endoprostheses in Spain, reaffirming my commitment to innovation and excellence in the care of my patients.

Traumatology Services:

    • Endoprostheses (hip prosthesis, knee prosthesis)
    • Custom knee prosthesis using a 3D printer (Pioneer and exclusive in Spain)
    • Endoprosthesis revision (prosthesis change)
    • Arthroscopy / Arthroscopic Surgery
    • Osteotomy of the lower extremities
    • general traumatology

Endoprostheses (hip prosthesis, knee prosthesis)

Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to specialize in the implantation of endoprostheses, both hip and knee. These procedures are essential to improve the mobility and quality of life of patients who have wear or damage to these joints. My approach focuses on offering customized solutions, using cutting-edge techniques and materials to ensure long-lasting results.

Custom knee prosthesis using a 3D printer (Pioneer and exclusive in Spain)

I am one of the first doctors in Germany and the pioneer in Spain in the implantation of individualized knee prostheses using 3D printing technology. This innovative technique allows us to design prostheses that adapt perfectly to the anatomy of each patient, offering a precise fit and faster recovery. It is an honor to be the reference in Spain in this specialty.

Endoprosthesis revision (prosthesis change)

Over time, some prostheses may require revision or replacement due to wear or other complications. My experience in stent revision allows me to evaluate and determine the best approach for each case, ensuring patients continue to enjoy optimal mobility.

Arthroscopy / Arthroscopic Surgery

Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical technique that I use to diagnose and treat various joint conditions. Thanks to arthroscopic surgery, patients benefit from smaller incisions, faster recovery, and less scarring.

Osteotomy of the lower extremities

Osteotomy is a procedure that realigns and corrects deformities in the lower extremities. This technique is essential for patients who have misalignments that cause pain or limit their mobility. My approach is based on performing precise interventions to restore function and relieve discomfort.

general traumatology

My training and experience in general traumatology has allowed me to treat a wide range of injuries and conditions of the musculoskeletal system. From sprains and fractures to sports injuries, my goal is to offer effective and personalized medical solutions for each patient, ensuring their well-being and recovery.

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Continuation of Treatments through Telemedicine

Your treatment does not end in Marbella

Telemedicine allows German Clinic Marbella patients to continue their treatments without having to physically travel to the medical center. This is especially beneficial when a consultation with our specialists is required once you have left Marbella.

Comfort and Flexibility

Patients can receive high-quality medical care from the comfort of their home, avoiding the time and effort involved in traveling. This is especially useful for those who have mobility problems or who do not want to go to the medical center.

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Contact Information and Location

C/ Jacinto Benavente, 10, 29601 Marbella, Málaga

Easy parking with the Telpark App in Carrefour and in the Marbella Market parking lot

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Best rated traumatologist in Marbella

Being recognized as the best-rated traumatologist in Marbella is an honor that fills me with happiness but also with responsibility. It encourages me to continue my commitment not only to medical excellence, but also to the relationship of trust that I have built with the inhabitants of Marbella and its visitors. From the first consultation to postoperative follow-up, my goal is to offer comprehensive and personalized care that responds to the specific needs of each patient.

Thank you for choosing me as the Best Traumatologist in Marbella

Your trust is my greatest reward. Every gesture of relief I see on a patient’s face as they leave my office, every word of gratitude from a satisfied family, reinforces my commitment to high-quality trauma care in Marbella. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your recovery and well-being process. Your testimonies and references have been essential for you to be considered the best-rated traumatologist in Marbella. I will continue to strive every day to live up to that trust and continue to offer the best trauma care in the region.

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