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Dr. Amaldus Nilsen

Medico de familia en Marbella - Dr. Per Amaldus Bratgjerd - German Clinic Marbella

As a Family Doctor in Marbella, my philosophy focuses on understanding the needs of each family member, taking care of their comprehensive health and providing close and personalized treatment that strengthens the well-being of everyone.

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Primary Care
Preventive Consultations and Health Checkups
Medico de familia de Marbella - Dr. Per Amaldus Bratgjerd - German Clinic Marbella

Are you looking for a trusted Family Medicine and Primary Care service in Marbella?

Finding a Family Medicine Service in Marbella where you can trust the health of your entire family is not always easy. As a family doctor, I understand the importance of caring not only for the little ones, but also for each member of the household. Therefore, my commitment is to offer you peace of mind and confidence through a comprehensive, high-quality service that addresses the health needs of everyone, from children to the elderly.

Comprehensive and Personalized Family Medical Care

At German Clinic Marbella, excellence in Family Medical Care is an unwavering commitment. Using advanced medical technology, I provide each family member, from the youngest to the oldest, with accurate diagnoses, personalized treatments and continuous follow-ups. As a Family Doctor in Marbella I focus on close and constant communication with each patient. Our focus is on promoting healthy development and caring for the overall well-being of the entire family.

Experience in Comprehensive Treatments for the Whole Family

From my experience as a Family Physician treating patients of all ages, I have had the opportunity to treat a wide variety of medical conditions, adapting to the needs of each stage of life. From routine check-ups, vaccination programs and advice on healthy lifestyles to more complex cases that require a multidisciplinary approach, our clinic is equipped to offer comprehensive and comprehensive care, ensuring care and prevention for all family members. .

Meet Our Specialist:

Medico de familia Marbella - Dr. Per Amaldus Bratgjerd - German Clinic Marbella

Dr. Amaldus Nilsen

Atención Médica para Pacientes Internacionales en Marbella - German Clinic Marbella

Family Doctor in Marbella for International Patients

Prior to medical duties, I worked as a Nurse at Lindesnes Regional Health Center and served with the local ambulance in Mandal for specific periods in 2014 and 2015.

My journey as a Doctor began in 2015 when I graduated from Comenius University in Bratislava. My international experience includes working as a family doctor at Sjøsanden Clinic in Mandal, Norway, in 2016. After this, I worked as a general practitioner, attending to emergency cases in various healthcare facilities in the Cádiz Bahía-la Janda District in 2017. I further expanded my medical experience by working as a general practitioner at the Viamed Bahía de Cádiz Hospital in 2018 and at the Novo Sancti Petri Clinic (Viamed) in the same year.

From 2019 to 2023, I completed the MIR program in Family and Community Medicine (MFyC) at the Campo de Gibraltar Health Management Unit, the Hospital de la Línea and the La Velada Health Center. During my specialization, I also completed two University Experts in Urgent Vital Pathology and Urgent Medical Pathology.

Training and Experience Primary Care and Nursing

In summary, my professional career spans diverse roles, including nursing, emergency care, general practice and specialized family medicine, both in Spain and Norway, reflecting my commitment to providing quality healthcare services without borders.

If you are looking for a family doctor in Marbella with international experience and a patient-centered approach, I will be happy to be your trusted professional for the health care of your entire family.

Family Physician and Primary Care Services:

  • Comprehensive Primary Care : Diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of diseases and conditions in patients of all ages.
  • Prevention and Health Care : Regular check-ups, preventive health examinations and advice on healthy lifestyles.
  • Management of Chronic Diseases : Monitoring and treatment of chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, asthma, among others.
  • Women’s Health : Gynecological care, including Pap smears, family planning and menopause counseling.
  • Men’s Health : Management of specific men’s health problems, such as prostate problems and regular check-ups.
  • Mental Health : Evaluation and treatment of mental health problems such as depression, anxiety and stress.
  • Minor Treatments : Minor procedures such as mole removal, sutures, and treatment of minor injuries.
  • Care Coordination : Referral to specialists and care coordination with other healthcare providers as needed.
  • Geriatric Care : Care focused on the health needs of older adults.
  • Preventive Medicine : Vaccinations and advice for disease prevention.

Comprehensive Primary Care :

This service involves the diagnosis and treatment of a wide spectrum of diseases and conditions. A family doctor is trained to treat most health problems, whether acute or chronic, and for all ages. This includes everything from common infections, minor injuries, to the management of more complex conditions. The approach is holistic, considering both physical and emotional factors that can affect the patient’s health.

Prevention and Health Care :

It focuses on early detection and prevention of diseases. It includes regular physical exams, lab tests (such as blood tests or cholesterol tests), and cancer screenings (such as mammograms or colonoscopies). Additionally, the doctor offers advice on how to lead a healthy lifestyle, including proper nutrition, the importance of physical exercise, and the prevention of harmful habits such as smoking.

Management of Chronic Diseases :

This service is crucial for patients suffering from long-term conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, asthma, arthritis, and others. The family doctor works closely with the patient to manage and monitor these diseases, adjusting treatments and medications as necessary, and providing education and support to help patients better manage their condition.

Women’s Health :

It includes regular gynecological care, such as pelvic exams and mammograms, and management of specific conditions such as urinary tract infections, menstrual problems, and menopause. Additionally, it may include counseling on contraception, family planning, and prenatal and postpartum care.

Men’s Health :

Focused on health issues specific to men, this service includes prostate exams, sexual and reproductive health screenings, and screening for common men’s illnesses, such as heart disease and prostate cancer. Topics such as erectile dysfunction and age-related changes are also addressed.

Care Coordination :

This aspect is essential, especially for patients with multiple health conditions or who are being treated by several specialists. The family doctor acts as the central point of contact, coordinating and supervising the patient’s overall care. This includes referring to specialists when necessary, ensuring that all physicians involved are informed about all aspects of the patient’s health, and helping to integrate and manage all aspects of the patient’s care.

servicio de telemedicina - german clinic marbella
Continuation of Treatments through Telemedicine

Your Primary Care treatment in Marbella does not end here

Telemedicine allows German Clinic Marbella patients to continue with their Primary Care treatments in Marbella without having to physically travel to the medical center. This is especially beneficial when a consultation with our specialists is required once you have left Marbella.

Comfort and Flexibility

Patients can receive high-quality care from our Family Doctor in Marbella from the comfort of their home, thus avoiding the time and effort involved in traveling. This is especially useful for those who have mobility problems or who do not want to go to the medical center.

Family Doctor in Marbella:
Dr. Amaldus Nilsen

German Clinic Marbella

Contact Information and Location

C/ Jacinto Benavente, 10, 29601 Marbella, Málaga

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How should I prepare for my first Family Doctor visit?

For your first visit with a family doctor in Marbella, we recommend you bring your medical history, a list of medications you are taking and any questions or concerns you have. Arriving a few minutes before your appointment will help you relax and complete any necessary forms.

What should I expect during the consultation?

During your consultation, we will discuss your medical history, perform a physical evaluation if necessary, and discuss any concerns or symptoms you may have. Our goal is to understand your health needs comprehensively to provide you with the best care possible.

¿Cómo debo prepararme para mi primera visita Medico de familia?

Best rated family doctor in Marbella

Being recognized as the best-rated family doctor in Marbella is an honor that fills me with gratitude and responsibility. This recognition not only reflects my commitment to medical excellence, but also the relationship of trust I have built with the families of Marbella and its visitors. From comprehensive care for your newborn to ongoing care for your health and well-being throughout the different stages of life, my goal is to offer personalized care that responds to the specific needs of each family member.

Thank you for choosing me as the best Family Doctor in Marbella

Your trust is my greatest reward. Every smile I see on my patients’ faces as they leave my office, every word of gratitude from a relieved family member, reinforces my commitment to high-quality medical care in Marbella. Your testimonials and references have been essential for you to be considered the best-rated family doctor in Marbella. I will continue to strive every day to live up to that trust and continue to offer the best family healthcare in Marbella.

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